Diego is a city nearby Tally Youngblood's city. It has always been very different from other cities. There were never the same walls between uglies and pretties as there were in other cities.



People from diego help people get to The Smoke.


In the book Specials, The New Smoke is at Diego. The smokies hand out the cure for the brain lesions on a large scale. When the smokies took over, a lot of stuff changed about Diego. For example, people can get whatever plastic surgeries they want.

Diego is also wrongly accused of attacking Tally's city's armory in Specials.

Diego warsEdit

The Diego Wars is when Tally's city attacks Diego's town hall in Specials. After the cure is handed out all over the world, school kids study The Diego Wars and Tally Youngblood.

Difference's between Tally's cityEdit

  • Diego never had the invisible wall between uglies and pretties.