Ugly Series
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Affiliation Special
Groups Crims, Cutters
Book Appearances Uglies, Pretties, Specials, Extras

Looks in[]


As a Special, Shay is equipped with superhuman senses, reflexes, and strength. Her face is turned into a cruel prettiness. She has multiple tattoos and has scars on her arms due to cutting herself. She is part of a special Special clique that calls themselves "Cutters"; they cut themselves to become Icy. She is the leader of this group, until later on she and Tally, along with the Cutters, devise a plan to carry on Dr. Cable's original scheme of stamping out the rebels of the New Smoke permanently.



Uglies sees Shay as a 15 year old in Uglyville. But then she befriends Tally, a tricky girl who has the same birthday as her. When Shay runs away to the legendary Smoke, where other Uglies live in a Rusty (what we know as our world now) lifestyle. But Shay runs away just before her 16th birthday, leaving Tally directions to find the Smoke in case she changes her mind to join her. On Tally's 16th birthday, she is taken to Special Circumstances, where Dr. Cable tells Tally she has to betray the Smoke or never be pretty. Tally is sent on a quest to find the Smoke and Shay and then activate a tracking device that will alert Special Circumstances to the Smoke's whereabouts. Shay eventually finds the Tally. She is particularly fond of a boy called David, who has lived his whole life in the Smoke. Tally and David start to like each other and Tally tries to destroy the tracker, accidentally alerting Special Circumstances. Shay realizes it was Tally's fault and is very upset with her. After escaping from Special Circumstances with David, Tally rescues Shay, David's mother and a few other Smokies from Special Circumstances. But Shay has already been turned pretty and David's father killed. Maddy, David's mother finds a cure to the lesions that are in the form of a pill, but Shay, being the only pretty, refuses to take the pill. Tally volunteers to return to civilization, undergo the pretty operation and then test the pills. Shay takes Tally to the ci.


Shay appears in the beginning of Pretties as a young New Pretty with nothing on her mind but partying, drinking, and having fun along with the newly made pretty Tally. Later Tally gets into a fight with Shay because she realizes Tally and Zane are different. She demands to know why and Tally explains that she and Zane shared a cure for being a bubblehead. Tally later finds out that Shay has found her own way of curing herself. She became a Cutter. She cuts herself because she thinks that Tally started being bubbly when was hit and bled. By Tally thinking her way out of being a bubblehead, and Shay cutting her way to mental freedom they both earn themselves spots as Special Circumstances agents. The last line of the book came from Shay's lips: "Face it, Tally-wa.