"You Sly Girls don't cry when you watch the big-face parties on the feeds, just because you weren't invited. You don't stay friends with people you hate, just to bump your face rank. And even though nobody knows what you're doing out here, you don't feel invisible at all." -Aya


Eden Maru, Jai/Kai/Lai, Mikki, and other unnamed girls.


The Sly Girls are an all female secret clique that does tricks without becoming famous. Ai Started the group, but the leader is whoever has the lowest face rank at any given time. The girls are anonymous, but as a group they are famous for their tricks. Many people thought of them as just a myth until Aya made them famous. After Aya kicked a story about them they became annoyingly famous. They had to relocate to another city for awhile. But they were soon recognized and became famous there as well.