Uglies Edit

Tally is sent by Special Circumstances to rescue her runaway friends at the Smoke and accidentally activates a pendant that destroys the Smoke. After finding out about a brain disease in pretties, she devotes herself to research by becoming one, so Maddy can test for the cure.


Tally thinks her way out of being a bubblehead after complications prevent her from taking the intended cure.

Specials Edit



Tally helped Aya Fuse when she begun to be hunted down by the "Extras", various Humans who have joined a movement to redirect human expansion into space using the metal from Rusty ruins, after Aya falsely kicked a story about how they were stealing the metal to create missles which were in fact a means to send the metal into space, after tally Left the note stating she would protect the forest against all who harm it. She and the Extras eventually reconciled after it was revealed that they were transporting the metal to space in order to make Orbital Habitats lol jk