The New Smoke is where the smokies go after The Smoke is destroyed. It was in a building at The Rusty Ruins in Pretties. In the book Specials, it was in a city called Diego.

After The Old Smoke is destroyedEdit

When The Smoke is destroyed, Tally Youngblood and David save most of the old smokies from the operation that turns people pretty. After the rescue mission, everyone returns to a building in The Rusty Ruins. That is where Tally writes a letter to herself, saying that she wants to take the cure.

At The Rusty RuinsEdit

Before Tally and Zane return to the rusty ruins, the people from the city put a tracker in Zane's tooth. Tally and Zane both travel to the ruins only to find out that the tracker was activated. Everyone escapes, except Zane. Tally decides to stay behind with Zane. The specials come and Tally gets captured and turned special.


When the specials capture everyone at The Rusty Ruins, the smokies retreat to a different city called Diego. They hand out the cure to the people at Diego so people can think freely. Diego becomes, and still is, The New Smoke.