The Smoke is where Tally Youngblood and Shay stay when they run away from the city. It was located in the woods until Special Circumstances eliminated it. When they destroyed the Smoke, the remaining Smokies moved from one place to another and called wherever they were "the New Smoke"


The Smoke was establised by Maddy and Az. They were doctors, performing the surgery that makes people pretty on a daily basis. Maddy and Az conducted research and found out that when they conduct the procedure, they mess with peoples brains. Special Circumstances threated to kill them if they didn't forget the information so the doctors ran away and started a city in the woods where people don't get the operation. they started recruiting uglies to join them.

Zane Almost Going to The SmokeEdit

A few months before Tally left for the Smoke, Zane suggested living in the wilderness with a bunch of people and running away. Zane and his group of friends went down to the Rusty Ruins a bit later and met David. David convinced most of them to go to The Smoke. Shay and Zane both chickened out and were too scared to go. When the Specials noticed that all of Zane's friends have been missing, Dr. Cable sent Zane in for questioning. He said everything that he knew about the Smoke.

Shay Going to The SmokeEdit

A couple months after Zane told the Specials about the Smoke, Shay left for the Smoke. By then, she was friends with Tally. Shay begged Tally to join her. Tally refused and Shay ran away as planned.

Tally Youngblood and The SmokeEdit

On the day of Tally's operation, she gets sent to Special Circumstances to get questioned about Shay running away. Tally at first refuses to tell Dr. Cable anything, but she is desperate to become a pretty so she answers all of the Specials questions. Dr. Cable then requires Tally to go to the Smoke after Shay. She puts a tracking device around Tally's neck and sends her off to the Smoke with a lot of survival supplies.

When Tally arrives, she starts to like the Smoke and doesn't want to betray her new friends. She tosses the tracker into a fire, destroying it, so that the Specials will never be able to find her and her friends. What she didn't know was that it was activated in the fire.

The Destruction of The SmokeEdit

The following morning, a bunch of hovercars full of specials came to the Smoke destroying it and imprisoning most of the people there. Tally and David escaped and they take a long trip back to the city. The two of them rescued almost everyone and the Smokies hid out in the Rusty Ruins with the help of almost all the city uglies. The Smokies kept on moving place to place, those places have been called The New Smoke.

The New SmokeEdit