Zane is the leader of a Pretty clique called the Crims, a group which you can't get into unless you were 'tricky' when you were an ugly. Tally joins this clique and goes on a breakfast picnic with Zane, where he shows her how excitement, from adventure or danger or 'kissing someone new', can make you 'bubbly', or more aware of things. They discover two pills--one dose-- that are supposed to cure you of being pretty-minded, and decide to split them. Tally and Zane spend more time together as they fight their pretty-mindedness. Zane gets headaches every so often. Eventually they escape new pretty Town in hot air balloons along with several other Crims, and when Tally finds Zane she is told that because he only took one of the pills, the dangerous one, he has severe brain damage. He is on the mend when a tracker goes off, alerting Special Circumstances to where the escapees are. They find the tracker in Zane's tooth, and he and Tally stay behind while everyone else escapes.


Zane travels with a clique called the Crims to the New Smoke to try to cure the nanos that were eating away at his brain that was caused by the cure for the lesions. The New Smoke turns out to be a city called Diego. Later, Tally's City attacks Diego's town hall, several people were killed in the neighboring hospital, including Zane.